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Version Compatability

This nodal network was originally developed in Lightwave 2018, and it works in Lightwave 2018 and later. It will not work in lightwave 2015 or earlier without major modifications.

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What It Does


This compound node for Nodal Motion makes it so no part of disc can pass below 0 in the y axis. Think of a spinning coin on a table. In the gif above all of the discs have a keyframed y position of Zero. As they are rotated and scaled they are pushed upwards to remain above the ground. I use it as the foundation for foot rigs such as the one included with the ikfkMaster demo scene

How to Use It

For reference please download the example scene.

Importing the Node Network


First, import LimitYbyCircumference.nodes by clicking on the edit dropdown in the the nodal window. If you are on a PC it might not display the ".nodes" files in your file selector, but just set it to show all files. Lightwave on pc uses ".nod" files whereas on Mac it uses ".nodes". It doesn't matter though ".nodes" files work just fine on PC.

Set Up


This nodal network is for Nodal Motion Only. You can either set up the nodal network to get the position rotation and scale from the object to which it is applied or you can use a second object. either way simply plug the position, rotation ans scale into the correct inputs and connect the postion output of the compound node to the position output.

In some cases you may want it to be controlled by another object instead, in which case you can use an Item info node and plug in its values into the compound node.